A twist to the comp....

One of my lovely readers pointed out to me that it would have been nice to have a comp where it wasn't just following,so our free people comp will now again be an outfit comp,I want to see what you can do with an old outfit(something that has history)revamp it and send your looks to Indiaandwillows@gmail.com ill publish all the photos then voting will start you can get anyone to vote for you be it your man or your cat!!come on loverats I want to see what you can do xx also if anyone could publish my name change on their blog I'll make you some little pretties and pop them in the post xx mwah!!

1 comment:

  1. hey miss! your email is definitely indiaandwillows@gmail.com? Im trying to send my pics and it keeps saying delivery failed.. my email is amyscheepers@hotmail.co.uk xx